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Vinyl wrap training

Hands on vinyl wrap training

At LA Wrap and Tint School we offer hands on 3 and 4 days vinyl wrap class training. During the car wrap training we will teach you from A to Z, starting from prepping the car to post installation care. 

Our vinyl wrap training is designed for someone who is either looking to enter vinyl wrap industry or ​improve skills.

Difference between classes is that in 4 day class students get more practice compared to 3 day class 

4 days beginners class - $2450

3 days beginners class - $1950

Advanced 2 days vinyl wrap training - $1000

$500 Holding deposit 

Call for additional info - 323 358 2520


4 days vinyl wrap training

Hands on vinyl wrap training. In depth vinyl wrap training class near me 

After vinyl wrap training we offer support, if you have any questions we will be glad to assist 

Day 1

- Tools needed

- Preparation, how to be thorough and what to use

- What can and can not be wrapped

- Approaching a panel with help

- Approaching a panel solo

- Material types, finishes and adhesives

- Squeegee techniques, getting comfortable, handling of the film

- Materials limitations and possibilities

- Wrinkles, fingering and wrinkling

- Reading the wrinkles

- Glassing, conforming and laying into recesses

- Post-heating, what it does, how to do it and when to use it

- Relaxing the film (edges), pre-stretching with and without heat

Day 2

- Knifeless tape

- Seams, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Cutting and trimming

- Corners and the different types. Different ways to wrap them

- Shrinking the film around corners, edges and surfaces

- Inlays, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Solo fender wrap

- Solo mirror wrap

- Solo door handle wrap

- Recessed areas, the high and low points (post heating)

- Damaged film during install. Is it recoverable or not

- Horizontal and vertical surfaces

- Banding, glue lines and adhesive particles

Day 3

- Rear bumper wrap with help

- Rear bumper wrap 

- Front bumper wrap with help

- Front bumper wrap 

- Self healing possibilities

- Cutting free hand on top of panels using a scoring technique

- Glide free hand cutting

Advanced vinyl wrap training is a 2 day training class. This vinyl wrap class is designed for someone with at least 1 year work experience in the industry. During this class you will learn how to wrap bumpers, some side mirrors and handles without removing them, different methods of advanced cutting and corner techniques as well as  techniques  like cold pre-stretch, 3D pre-stretch, The Palm, The Mouth, Triangles and much more. 

2 Day advanced vinyl wrap class $1000

Deposit to hold your Spot $500 (See schedule)

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Advanced Vinyl Wrap Training

vinyl wrap training
vinyl wrap training
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5300 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Call us - 323 358 2520

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