window tint training, car vinyl training, ppf training

Hands on installation training

At LA Wrap and Tint School we offer hands on 3 days auto vinyl wrap installation training. During the training we will teach you from A to Z, starting from prepping the car, un assembling parts to post installation care. 

Our vinyl wrap course is designed for someone who is either looking to enter vinyl wrap industry or ​improve skills.

We offer Intermediate (Beginner) and Advanced Levels

Regular Price - $1950

Intermediate (Beginner) Now 3 Day Class- $1500

Advanced 2 day class $1100

$300 Holding deposit 

Call for additional information - 323 358 2520


Intermediate 3 day vinyl wrap training

Hands on vinyl wrap training. In depth training with 1 on 1 approach. 

After training support 

Day 1

- Tools needed

- Preparation, how to be thorough and what to use

- What can and can not be wrapped

- Approaching a panel with help

- Approaching a panel solo

- Material types, finishes and adhesives

- Squeegee techniques, getting comfortable, handling of the film

- Materials limitations and possibilities

- Wrinkles, fingering and wrinkling

- Reading the wrinkles

- Glassing, conforming and laying into recesses

- Post-heating, what it does, how to do it and when to use it

- Relaxing the film (edges), pre-stretching with and without heat

Day 2

- Knifeless tape

- Seams, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Cutting and trimming

- Corners and the different types. Different ways to wrap them

- Shrinking the film around corners, edges and surfaces

- Inlays, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Solo fender wrap

- Solo mirror wrap

- Solo door handle wrap

- Recessed areas, the high and low points (post heating)

- Damaged film during install. Is it recoverable or not

- Horizontal and vertical surfaces

- Banding, glue lines and adhesive particles

Day 3

- Rear bumper wrap with help

- Rear bumper wrap 

- Front bumper wrap with help

- Front bumper wrap 

- Self healing possibilities

- Cutting free hand on top of panels using a scoring technique

- Glide free hand cutting

window tint training, car vinyl training, ppf training


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